Elevator Consulting and Inspection

Here at Global Elevator, our core philosophy is that we’re here as your advocate. We believe that you should get the satisfaction out of your elevator system that you desire, while receiving honest, unbiased feedback from an experienced and trustworthy company.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and the relationships that we’ve built within our industry; not only with large elevator companies, but independent companies and component manufacturers as well. This ensures that we have the most current knowledge available on current processes, as well as up and coming non-proprietary systems.

If you’re a property manager, a South Florida condominium board member, or a company with aging elevator systems, we’d love to help you! Contact us today to find out how we can ensure that your elevator systems are working properly and meeting your needs.

Elevator Consulting

We offer elevator consulting services that will save you money and ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for and only receiving solutions that fit your needs. We also offer a level of technical expertise that is second to none.

Elevator Inspection

Our knowledgeable, licensed inspectors will review your systems to ensure that they are all in compliance and working safely and effectively. We believe that your inspector should work for you and always have your best interests in mind.

Contact us today for a quote.